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托木斯克(Томск)——俄罗斯城市,是与其同名州和地区的行政中心。于1604年建城,人口50.69万人(截止到2005年底),在俄联邦城市中排第32位。 它是西伯利亚地区教育和科学中心,其教授密度居全国第一。2005年俄罗斯政府首批划定六个经济特区,托木斯克因其在科技领域的优势而被定为技术型经济特区。

Tomsk (of structure makes C kappa) -- Russian city, is its namesake state and regional administrative center. In 1604 to build the city, the population of 506900 people (as of the end of 2005), the city is ranked thirty-second in the Russian federation. It is the Siberia area of science and education center, Professor density ranks first in the country. In 2005, the Russian government first delineated six special economic zones, Tomsk in the field of science and technology advantage and was designated as the technology economic zone.


托木斯克大体上坐落在托米河的右岸,距离托米河流入鄂毕河处50公里,距离莫斯科的直线距离为3500公里。 该市通过别雷亚尔—阿西诺—泰加铁路与西伯利亚大铁路相连接。该市还是托木斯克—尤尔加等公路的枢纽站,同时也是一个河运码头和较大的航空港。 在托木斯克北12公里处坐落着保密行政区谢维勒斯克,苏联时期被称为托木斯克7号。 城市面积——294.6平方千米。城市分四个城区:基洛夫斯基区,苏联区,列宁区,十月区。

Tomsk is generally located in the right bank of the river from Tommy, Tommy rivers into the Ob River 50 kilometers, the straight line distance from 3500 kilometers in moscow. The city is connected by don't r - asino - taiga railway and the Siberia railway. The city or Tomsk - ure plus highway hub, is also a river pier and large airports. In the 12 km north of Tomsk lies the secrecy administrative region Xieweile Sverdlovsk, Soviet Union known as the Tomsk No. 7. City area of 294.6 square kilometers --. The city is divided into four districts: Kirov's base, the Soviet Union, Lenin, October.


温带大陆性气候,年均气温:-0.6°C。每年无霜期约为100-105天。冬季持久且严寒,有记录的最低温度为-55°C(1969年1月)。 一月平均气温为−19.2 °C,七月平均气温为+18.1°C。年降水量435毫米。

The annual temperate continental climate, the temperature: -0.6 degrees C. The annual frost free period of about 100-105 days. Long and cold winter, the lowest temperature recorded was -55 ° C (1969 January). In January the average temperature of - 19.2 ° C, the average July temperature of 18.1 ° C. Annual rainfall of 435 mm.


1604年1月20日,一群来自一个叫эушт的鞑靼部落使者在其首领Тояном带领下来到了莫斯科沙皇Борис Годунов的宫殿里,他们要求将эушт部落移交莫斯科管辖,并且在托米河沿岸修建一座城市抵御他们的强敌吉尔吉斯人和卡尔梅克人的侵袭。 1604年3月25日, 沙皇Борис Годунов派遣以Гаврила Писемский为首的哥萨克部队从Сургут和以Василий Тырков为首的弓箭部队从Тобольск出发,带着建筑要塞的任务来到托米河沿岸。在鞑靼人的领土上,他们将附近耕地收为国有,将周围居民登记为沙皇的子民。 木质结构的托木斯克堡垒被建在了耸立在托米河右岸距鄂比河河口60公里处的复活山的南山脚下,距离Ушайка河注入托米河河口不远。 到1604年10月7日,所有的建设工作都已经完成了,这一天被认为是托木斯克的生日(城市日是6月7日,因为秋天的坏天气常常打扰节日的庆祝)。 托木斯克成为了主要的军事战略要地,17世纪在托木斯克多次击退游牧民族的袭击,保护了当地居民的安全。 18世纪,俄罗斯的边境向东和向南大大推进,当地的游牧民族被制服,托木斯克渐渐失去了自己的防御地位。从18世纪中叶一直到苏联时期,托木斯克一直是犯人流放地。这里曾经六放过:Ибрагим Ганнибал, Гавриил Батеньков, Михаил Бакунин, Николай Эрдман, Густав Шпет, Николай Клюев。 1719年托木斯克被划归到Енисейской省,1726年划归Тобольской,在1782年获得Тобольской总督管辖区的州级城市地位。

In January 20, 1604, a group from a call alabamium items, its Tatar tribes messenger led down in its leaders of society structure is of makes to Moscow by P / C F of the Tsar as items of society's palace, they will use to Moscow, alabamium y tribal jurisdiction, and built a city to resist they enemy Kyrgyz and Kalmyks invasion in Tommy river. In March 25, 1604, Tsar of P / C f or y as society's dispatch of F P, by means of the alpha. H / C P C / / been led by the Cossack from c y p y t, and C / PI. а, structure of P K's allus been led forces from the start from the structure of C of C K PI has, with building Fort task to Tommy river. In their territory, they will be near the land nationalization, the surrounding residents registration for the Tsar's people. The wooden structure of the Tomsk fortress was built up from the Ob River Estuary 60 kilometers on the right bank of the river from Tommy mountain in the distance at the foot of the Nanshan, efficiency, а been kappa alpha River into the far Tommy River estuary. By October 7, 1604, all construction work has been completed, the day was considered Tomsk's birthday (city day is June 7th, because of bad weather often disturb autumn festivals celebrate). Tomsk has become the major military strategic, seventeenth Century in Tomsk repeatedly repelled nomad attack, protect the safety of local residents. In eighteenth Century, the Russian border to the East and south, greatly promote the local nomads, subdued, Tomsk gradually lost their defensive position. From the mid eighteenth Century to the Soviet Union, Tomsk has always been a penal colony. There was six off: for C, t / F on C makes our society. By means of P / F, our, by our society, by which has k of Liapunov's, was alpha, PI, p.17. K y, K on the society, all of our "by arm, to makes. For Y C, F, means, in which our finishing, SW, kappa of our scheme has been Le Le's elixir. In 1719 Tomsk was transferred to and has been on the c c k of province in 1726 was placed under the arm, structure of C of C K PI has been obtained of structure, of C of C K PI has been the jurisdiction of state city status in 1782.


到2006年托木斯克拥有六所国立大学和两所非国立大学。 1878年在托木斯克建立了(1888年招生)西伯利亚地区第一所高等综合性大学——托木斯克国立大学。1886年建立了(1900年招生)西伯利亚地区第一所高等技术研究机构——技术学院(现在的托木斯克理工大学)。其它的一些高校:西伯利亚国立医科大学托木斯克国立师范大学托木斯克国立建筑大学托木斯克国立系统控制和无线电电子技术大学托木斯克军医学院  

To 2006, Tomsk has six National University and two non national university. Established in 1878 in Tomsk (1888 students) Siberia area first higher comprehensive university -- the National University of Tomsk. Established in 1886 (1900 students) Siberia area first higher institute of technology -- Technology Institute (now Tomsk Polytechnic University). Some of the other: Siberia State Medical University, national Tomsk Normal University Tomsk National University building in Tomsk national system control and Radio Electronic Technology University of Tomsk Military Medical College


托木斯克经济法律学院托木斯克商学院托木斯克东正教神学院 除此之外,在托木斯克还设有十多个其它城市教育机构的分校,在此从事高等教育活动。其中有:托木斯克农业学院(新西伯利亚农业大学分校)新西伯利亚水利运输科学院分院新西伯利亚国家勤务科学院分院莫斯科国立公开师范大学分校俄罗斯司法部法令和行政科学院分院俄罗斯国立新技术和企业家大学分校俄罗斯司法院分院莫斯科国立社会大学分校现代人文大学分校东方经济、人文、行政和法律学院分校格梅洛夫斯基国立文化艺术科学院代办处克拉斯诺雅洛斯基商学院代办处莫斯科财政法律科学院代办处 2005年高校在校生总人数为86100人,19个中等职业学校的人数为14600人,也就是说,学生人数占城市总人口的1/5,因此托木斯克是全俄学生比例最高的城市之一。同时远程教育正在快速发展中,外国学生的人数也在增加。在这座大学城里工作着882位博士和2727个副博士。

The economy of Tomsk law school, Tomsk business school Tomsk orthodox Seminary In addition, campus also has more than a dozen other city education institutions in Tomsk, then engaged in activities of higher education. Among them: Tomsk Agricultural College (Novosibirsk Novosibirsk water transport branch campus of Kasetsart University) Academy of Novosibirsk state service academy of Sciences, Moscow State University Russia open at the Ministry of Justice Act and Administrative Sciences Branch of the Russian national new technology and entrepreneurial university judicial branch of Russia Moscow State Social University Modern Humanities University east economy, humanities, college administration and law at the G Melo J J Ki National Art Academy of science agency Krasnoyarsk Airlines Lossky Business School agency Moscow financial legal science agency In 2005 the total number of college students as the number of 86100 people, 19 medium occupation school 14600 people, that is to say, the number of students accounted for the total population of the city of 1/5, so Tomsk city is one of the highest ratios of all Russian students. At the same time, distance education is developing fast, the number of foreign students is on the increase. In the university town to work with the 882 doctor and 2727 doctor.


托木斯克 – 俄罗斯重要的科学中心,在很大程度上得益于它培养人才的教育体系。这个城市拥有大量的技术密集型产业,和蓬勃发展的IT产业。 大学里的科研所:西伯利亚技术物理研究所、应用数学和力学科研所、托木斯克国立大学所属的生物和生物物理科研所、核物理科研所、高压科研所、托木斯克理工大学所属的电子内窥技术研究所以及托木斯克国立系统控制和无线电电子技术大学所属的自动化和电器科研所等十一家科研单位。 托木斯克科学中心包括9个科研机构,它们分别是:大气光学、石化、高精电子学、高强物理、材料学、大气监控和生态系统。 4931号小行星以托木斯克命名。2007年2月16日在托木斯克国立大学落户超级计算机“西伯利亚赛艇”,为目前东欧地区最快的计算机。这台超级计算机是世界上超级计算机100强之一。

Tomsk - Russian Scientific Center, largely thanks to its educational system. The city has a lot of technology intensive industry, and the vigorous development of the IT industry. University Research Institute: automation and Electrical Research Institute for scientific research units in Siberia eleven Electronic Research Institute of Technical Physics, applied mathematics and Mechanics Research Institute, National University of Tomsk belongs to the biological and Biophysical Research Institute, Institute of nuclear science, high pressure Research Institute, Tomsk University of science and technology of endoscope technology research and so and the Tomsk national system control and radio electronic technology university of. Tomsk Science Centre consists of 9 scientific research institutions, they are: atmospheric optics, petrochemical, high precision electronics, physics, materials science, high strength atmospheric monitoring and ecological system. Asteroid 4931 named Tomsk. In February 16, 2007, National University of Tomsk and settled in the super computer "Siberia boat", for the Eastern Europe's fastest computer. The super computer is one of the top 100 supercomputers on the world.


在本市拥有2个话剧剧院(州话剧院和音乐话剧院)、青年剧院、木偶剧院、托木斯克国立大学文艺剧院、音乐厅、文化宫、一些电影院、体育宫、俱乐部、交响乐队、儿童合唱团、图书馆网络、德国文化中心、波兰文化中心、鞑靼文化中心、体育场、游泳池、保龄球场和一些其他的体育设施。 地方志和艺术博物馆、艺术画廊、会展大厅、木质建筑博物馆、城市历史博物馆、大学博物馆(在托木斯克国立大学:大学历史博物馆、考古和人类学博物馆、植物标本博物馆、书籍博物馆等)、西伯利亚植物园、中学博物馆、天文馆等。 三圣教堂是托木斯克第一座教堂,始建于建市之时(1604),两年后完工,到1820年因破损而拆毁。 复活节教堂建于1622年,后于1807年改建成石质,成为托木斯克最美丽的教堂之一。1804年在感恩节大教堂宣布建立托木斯克省。 十月革命之前在托木斯克有31个东正教教堂,一些修道院。除此之外在本市还存在着旧教派教堂、波兰天主教教堂、路德教会、三个犹太教堂、两个清真寺。在苏维埃政权时期大部分的教堂遭到破坏,只有为数不多的教堂作为仓库、车间、档案室而保存下来。现在这些教堂已经修复并交还信徒。 作为对2006年4月在托木斯克召开的俄德峰会的献礼,两个月内重新修建了1936年被毁坏的路德教会圣母玛利亚教堂。

With 2 Drama Theatre in the city (State Theatre and musical theatre), youth theatre, puppet theater, National University of Tomsk Art Theatre, concert hall, the palace of culture, some cinemas, sports palace, club, orchestra, children's Choir, library network, German Cultural Center, cultural center of the Poland, Tatar Cultural Centre, stadium, swimming pool, bowling alley and some other sports facilities. Annals of local history and art museums, art galleries, exhibition halls, wooden building museum, city history museum, University Museum (at the National University of Tomsk: History Museum, Museum of Archaeology and anthropology, University Herbarium Museum, museum and other books), Siberia botanical garden, museum, planetarium, middle school. Holy Trinity Church in Tomsk is the first church, built in the city of (1604), two years after completion, to 1820 is damaged and destroyed. Easter church was founded in 1622, after the 1807 turned into stone, Tomsk has become one of the most beautiful churches. 1804 announced the establishment of Tomsk Province during the Thanksgiving cathedral. Before the October revolution in Tomsk had 31 Orthodox churches, some monastery. In addition to this, there are the old church, Poland Catholic Church, the Lutheran Church, three synagogues, two mosques. Destroyed in the church most of the Soviet regime period, only a few of the church as a warehouse, workshop, record room and preserved. Now the church has been repaired and returned to the believers. As of 2006 April, held in Tomsk, Russia and Germany summit gift, two months to re built in 1936 destroyed the Lutheran Church of Santa Maria.

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Tomsk. Information and Entertainments


 俄罗斯联邦,简称俄罗斯或俄国。是世界上面积最大的国家,地域跨越欧亚两个大洲,与多个国家接壤。绵延的海岸线从北冰洋一直伸展到北太平洋,还包括了内陆海黑海和里海。盘点一下俄罗斯的主要城市。 叶卡捷琳堡 赤塔市车里雅宾斯克下诺夫哥罗德鄂木斯克克拉斯诺亚尔斯克 萨拉托夫梁赞 乌兰乌德卡卢加伏尔加格勒萨马拉马加丹 乌法彼尔姆诺夫哥罗德 雅罗斯拉夫尔加里宁格勒图拉克拉斯诺达尔巴尔瑙尔摩尔曼斯克奔萨 利佩茨克 阿斯特拉罕克麦罗沃 马哈奇卡拉伊万诺沃库尔斯克阿尔汉格尔斯克 斯塔夫罗波尔库尔干别尔哥罗德罗斯托夫基姆雷 伊尔库茨克切博克萨雷新库兹涅茨克下塔吉尔 奥伦堡沃罗涅日 陶里亚蒂新西伯利亚伊热夫斯克托木斯克奥廖尔布良斯克秋明 库尔曼斯克马格尼托格尔斯克切尔内辛比尔斯克